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Bluebirds and Crows

Bluebirds and



Recorded live at Schultz Recording Studios in the beautiful Sequatchie Valley of Middle Tennessee.

1. Sam and the Bluebird
2. Me and the Crow
3. Letter from Australia
4. My Town
5. Second Wind


Stories Behing the Songs


The Stories Behind the Songs

2 CDs

Michael's new 2-CD set of stories and songs recorded live at the International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, Tennessee.

Disc 1:

1. Downsized
2. I Like the Girls Who
3. The Big Talent Show
4. We Both Turned 19
5. Stover & the Bluebirds
6. The Great Sam Burton
7. Time Beside a Campfire
8. Petroglyphs


Disc 2:

1. Remind Me
2. Sweet Tea & Red Wine
3. You've Still Got Me
4. The Nickel



Old Trucks and Good Dogs


Old Trucks and Good Dogs


68 musings about life in the shadow of the Blue Ridge, tales from the extended family of Michael Reno Harrell. Fathers at sea, brothers in the air, dogs in the woods, afternoons on a lazy river, and some stranger doings.



Tales from the Tavern

Sold Out

Tales from the Tavern


Michael is proud to be included among such artists as Joan Baez, John Gorka, Dave Alvin, David Crosby, Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen, Tom Russell, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott, Slaid Cleaves and many others as a featured artist at the Santa Ynez, California music series, “Tales from the Tavern.” These folks, along with Hey Y’all Music produced this combination CD/DVD recording of Michael’s 2014 concert there.

You will find such favorites as, “Me and You”, “Tommy Stops By” and “The Too Late Lounge” along with new material like, “Granddaddy’s Pocketknife” and “Here’s To The Ones”. Included are the stories that go along with the songs as well as after show interview clips. Don’t miss this CD/DVD set to experience the humor and heart of Michael Reno Harrell in concert.

Hoot & Holler

Then There's Me


audio samples:
Katie Landry
Going Back to       Tennessee
St. Claire

My old pal, Dale Meyer and I have been playing music together for well over fifteen years. He’s just about as good as it gets for a picking buddy in that he is a very good driver, an excellent musician, is not at all a whiner, knows where the good places to eat are and is a great recording engineer who just happens to own and operate a fine studio about seven miles from our house. I have been lucky enough to have recorded with some of the giants in the acoustic music world and enjoyed every minute of those experiences, but when Dale suggested that we call in our friend, Steve Bradshaw on bass and make a trio album, I was in from the get go. Finally, in the spring of this year, 2012, we all found the time to get back together. I think it worked out for the better, in that I had written several more songs which appear here. I hope you enjoy the result.

Tracks: Katie Landry | West Of Dallas Texas Palace | Going Back To Tennessee | I Don’t Listen To The Radio | Three Apple Trees | Then There’s Me | Saint Claire | Jesus When You Get The Time | Mama’s Still In Jail | My Town | By The Water | Somebody’s Gone | Our Little Part Of The World | The Too Late Lounge


Hoot & Holler


Humor & Heart

Stories & Songs


Recorded live at a house concert on a blustery Sunday afternoon in Caldwell County, North Carolina, "Humor & Heart" is a 2-disc set featuring seven tales and plenty of music. This is Michael Reno at his best. There are laughs a’plenty and a good dose of that southern warmth that Michael is so well known for. The only thing missing here is the wonderful pot luck dinner that followed the concert. So, put on a pot of pintos and a skillet of cornbread and join in the fun. You get two CD’s worth of grins, foot patting and head nodding with Humor & Heart!

Disc 1: Good Old Boy | Roller Rink | Greyhound Station | Mama's Still in There

Disc 2: Sledding Shepherds | Larry & Estelle | Talking Woodstove Blues


Hoot & Holler

Hoot & Holler

Stories & Songs

Recorded live at the Toe River Storytelling Festival in Michael’s native Western North Carolina mountains, “Hoot & Holler” delivers just what the title suggests. You’ll hoot and holler with delight just as if you were seated there on the banks of that cool river as you are regaled with Michael’s brand of storytelling. Included are some of his most requested stories along with a good dose of brand new material including the opening song “Jesus, When You Get The Time”. Michael will tickle your funny bone and touch your heart, whether you’re from the South or just from south of somewhere. As the back of the CD package says…”Enjoy!”

Tracks: You Had to Pay? | Jesus When You Get the Time | Stay Out of Them Old Cars | Living in the Country | The Red Mule | Fox Hunter's Survival Kit | Benediction | Cleaning Out Mama's House | Some Old Things


tales and tunes

Tales & Tunes

Songs & Stories

audio samples:
Bike Story
Froze In

Tales & tunes is what you get with this CD. It’s a live concert recording of some of Michael’s most humorous and delightful stories and songs. You’ll hear outlandish tales of youthful adventure and senior reflection as well as original tunes to expand the narrative. Relive your own memories of first bicycles, piano lessons, practical jokes, and family reunions featuring aunts, uncles and cousins by the pickup load. In true Michael Reno fashion, you’ll meet some of the most interesting characters and visit places that are likely to bring on a sudden bout of déjà vu. It’s just under two hours of about the most fun you can have… well, listening to a CD anyway!

Disc 1: Old Friend | Elmer | Far from Salty Water | Froze In | Piano Story | That Old Piano

Disc 2: Wood & Nails | I Cried | Texas Woman | Rain Gauge | Bike Story | Wheels | Salvation Army Shoes | The Chain | This Old Pilgrim | Almost Not Quite


Sold Out

Junk Drawer


Junk Drawer
A Jumble of Stories,
Observations and Rambles


Michael Reno Harrell





The River

audio samples:
Hey, Annie
Days Inn Motel Sign

Michael Reno Harrell - lead vocals,
acoustic guitar, percussion
David Johnson - steel, fiddle, electric guitar, piano,
harmonica,banjo, cello, viola and violin.
Ron Shuffler - electric bass
Rick Harris - drums
Gloria Coffee - harmony vocals
Darryl Corley - harmony vocals
Kay Crouch - harmony vocals
Dale Meyer - dobro, acoustic guitar, basses
Jimmie Davis - saxophone

TRACKS: Hey, Annie | Tennessee Border | If I Ain't Got You | The River | Gone Tommorrow Night | Home | Days Inn Motel Sign | Lucinda | For Gary | A Little More You | Town | Mavis Went to Memphis | Say, Did I Mention | Summer In Atlanta | Watusi





Hey Y'all

Songs & Stories

(2005 DVD)


NEW DVD! Finally as promised a live video concert including some of Michael's most requested stories and songs professionally recorded at Cleveland Community College. Now you can enjoy an entire Michael Reno concert in your home anytime you want. Running time is approximately an hour and forty minutes.

Program Sequence
Introduction, Some Old Things, Motorcycle Eddy Cole story, The Old Man Died song, Mill Village story, Cotton Mill Dress song, Southern Suggestions story, Southern Suggestions song, Caroline song, Cell Phone story, I Don't Care song, The Nickel song, Speck’s Billiard Emporium story, Gospel Tent song, Ain’t No 40 Acres song, Researching Moonshine story, Sarah In The Holler song, Small Town Radio story, 1943 song, Cherry Bombs story, Me & You song








Grit & Wit

Songs & stories
A 2 CD set!

audio samples
Cell Phone
13 Quilts

We recorded this CD live at the Evening Muse on December 7th 2003. It's a bit of a departure from my previous recordings in that it is a 2 CD set of mostly stories. I've been doing more and more storytelling in my live shows and thought it was time to record some of my tales. I hope you enjoy listening to them as much as I enjoy telling them. MRH

"Michael Reno Harrell is one of those natural born Southern storytellers filled with wit, charm and surprises. Whether the story is in song or narrative, Michael will draw you in and entertain you, all the while making you feel right at home."

David Holt
4 time Grammy winner and
nationally acclaimed storyteller.

TRACKS: Southern Suggestions | 13 Quilts | Cherry Bombs | Picnic | Cell Phone | Uncle Bill | Sign On the Barn | Stover Mason, Trader | The Old Man Died




Drive (2006)

audio samples
This Old Truck

Michael Reno Harrell - lead vocals,
acoustic guitar, high strung guitar, mandolin, percussion
Dale Myer - acoustic guitar, electric guitar,
electric bass, pedal steel, dobro
Ron Shuffler - upright bass, baritone harmony
David Edmisten - tenor harmony
Alan Johnson - fiddle
Gabriel Wiseman - mandolin
Gloria Coffee - harmony
Toby Watkins - electric bass
Jerry Eubanks - sax, flute
Jeff Robinson - piano
Rick Harris - snare drum & ride
Gigi Dover - alto harmony

TRACKS: The Wind | Redemption | Me & You | Fishing In the Morning | Missing You | This Old Truck | Sally Street | I Miss Daddy | Drive | Slide Show | Be Still | Rambling Kind | The Sound of Goodbye | The Ballad of Til Huffman | Graham Street






Closer Home

audio samples
Blue Eyed Jane

Michael Reno Harrell - lead vocals,
acoustic guitar, cymbal
Phyllis Tannerfrye - acoustic guitar,
harmony vocals, tambourine
Jaret Carter - dobro
Jack Lawrence - acoustic guitar, harmony vocal
Alan Johnson - fiddle
Darin Aldidge - mandolin
Wayne Mitchum - upright bass
Jay Miley - bass


TRACKS: Blue Eyed Jane | Let My Baby Be | Dixie Breezes | East Kentucky Dream | Catfish Bite | Molly In Killeen | Cotton Mill Dress | The Chocolate Kid | Family | Germany | Headlights | Road In Wyoming | Sarah | Sweet Water | The Nickel



Sold Out




Southern Son

audio samples
Cotton Shirt
In The Summertime

Michael Reno Harrell - lead vocals,
acoustic & electric guitar
Jack Lawrence - acoustic guitar
David Holt - clawhammer banjo
Ron Shuffler - upright bass
Tom Kuhn - bass
Toby Watkins - bass
Dale Meyer - acoustic guitar
Jaret Carter - resonator guitar
Phyllis Tannerfrye - harmony
Lil Dave Edmisten - acoustic guitar, harmony
Kay Crouch - penny whistle, marimba
Patrick Crouch - mandolin
David Wiseman - mandolin
Reggie Harris - national guitar

TRACKS: Cotton Shirt | In the Summertime | Hometown Heroes | Ain't No Forty Acres | Southern Suggestions | 1943 | Heaven Will Remember | Mama's Kitchen | One Single Thing | Crazy 'Bout Alabama | No Joke | Gospel Tent | The Other Side | The Baby's Name | Start Sleeping





Second Wind

audio samples
Good News
Second Wind

Michael Reno Harrell - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Sam Bush - fiddle, mandolin
Jerry Douglas - dobro
David Grier - lead acoustic guitar
Byron House - acoustic bass
Brent Truitt - mandolin
Jeff King - electric guitar & 6-string bass
Jelly Roll Johnson - harmonica
Suzi Ragsdale - harmony vocal
Bob Warren - drums
Pat McGrath - acoustic & high-string guitar
Buddy Melton - harmony vocal
Danny Bishop - mandolin

TRACKS: Good News | Coast of Texas | You Think You Know Somebody | Sweet, Sweet, Sweet | Southern Accent | I Don't Care | Del Rio | Second Wind | Some Old Things | Nothin' You Can Do | Uncle Bobby's Store | Caroline | Not a Miser





Ways To Travel

audio samples
Ways To Travel
Tommy Stops By

Michael Reno Harrell - acoustic guitar
Jerry Douglas - dobro
Pat Flynn - acoustic guitar
Stewart Duncan - fiddle
Brent Truitt - mandolin
Byron House - acoustic bass
Vince Santoro - drums
David Luttrell - banjo
Dawn Sears - vocal harmony
Additional Vocals: Joan Harrell, Chris Schultz,
Chris Keaton & Tim Coats


TRACKS: Ways to Travel | Good Old You | River With No Bottom | Tennessee Thunder | D. None of the Above | Bend Just a Little | Traveling Years | Tommy Stops By | The Island | Amanda Lynn | The Old Man Died


Known on the


audio samples
The Nickel
Were You There

A compilation with
David Childers,
Rank Outsiders
Lenny Federal



There Are
No Angels Here


No Longer
Michael Reno Harrell - lead vocals,
acoustic & electric guitar
Jack Hatfield - mandolin, fiddle, banjo,
nashville guitar, 4 string banchee
Dillard Richardson - bass
David Knight - drums, congas
Joe Hastey - harmony, acoustic guitar


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