It was just natural that Michael Reno Harrell would become a storyteller, because it just comes so naturally to him. His style has been described as being “like a breakfast of butter and molasses on a warm biscuit… Southern, easy and sweet.”

It’s Southern alright. It couldn’t be anything else considering Michael’s Southern Appalachian roots. But, his stories reflect events and histories common to all.

And “easy” is as good an adjective to describe Michael’s style as any. His personal experience based stories certainly are easy to listen to. And easy depicts his style of telling as well. He gives his audience space to absorb and to savor… and to laugh!

And sweet it is… sweet with the familiarity of shared memories and particularly sweet with Michael’s signature humor and self pinned songs. Michael is a master of taking his listeners back to when we all remember life as easy…back to childhood. Back to the days of bicycles, fireworks, piano lessons, good dogs and bad school lunches.

It’s obvious that the storytelling world agrees that Michael is a natural storyteller. His credits include being a featured teller at the National Storytelling Festival and Teller In Residence at the International Storytelling Center as well as being invited to share his talents at major festivals across the US and British Isles.

Michael also conducts workshops in the art and craft of telling tales. Click here to read about some of Michael's storytelling workshops (2 page PDF).

Michael Reno Harrell at the Toe River Storytelling Festival

Video clip: "Cleaning Out Mama's House"


Michael Reno Harrell at the Toe River Storytelling Festival from Michael Reno Harrell on Vimeo.



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